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Route4Me’s Stops Bundling feature allows you to automatically combine all the route destinations that are approximately in the same geographic region into Stops Groups that make the most sense in your route. To use the Stops Bundling feature on your Route4Me iOS or Android mobile app, make sure that Route4Me’s Stops Bundling Add-On is enabled for your Route4Me Web Account.


To optimize route(s) with Address or Location Bundling that can be opened using Route4Me’s Android mobile app, first, go to “Plan New Route” from the navigation menu. Next, select one of the preferred route data import methods: Interactive Map Editor, Copy-and-Paste, Upload a File, or Import Data.

Import addresses for planning route(s) with stops bundling and opening on your Android smartphone.


Route4Me’s Destinations Bundling feature allows you to bundle route stops with the same address or the same latitude and longitude coordinates. When formatting your bundling spreadsheet, for multiple route destinations to be bundled into a single merged or separate bundle, they must have the same address (see the example below) or the same latitude and longitude coordinates. You can learn more about how to format spreadsheets for Address Bundling and Coordinates Bundling on this page.

Import hundreds of thousands of addresses and Route4Me will detect which addresses to bundle.


After importing your bundling spreadsheet, proceed to set up the preferred Stops Bundling parameters. To do so, click on the “Bundling” gear icon in the top left corner of the “Verify Addresses on Map” window. After that, use the “Group Locations into Bundles” window to set up the preferred bundling settings.

Specify the preferred bundling rules to bundle your addresses into merged or separate bundles.


After specifying the preferred Bundling rules, make sure that you have applied them to the imported addresses by switching on the Bundling button.

Make sure that you have enabled bundling before planning the routes.


To open a planned route that has bundled addresses using your Route4Me Android Route Planner, go to My Routes from the navigation menu and then open the preferred route from your Routes List.

To view bundled addresses on a planned route, open the preferred route on your iOS device.


Route4Me creates one or multiple Stops Groups with the destinations that have the same address or latitude and longitude coordinates.

Keep as separate destinations - addresses will be displayed as separate stops on your Android app.


On your Route4Me Android app, each Stops Group (bundle) is displayed as a set of route stops. The header of each Stops Group indicates how many stops with the same address or coordinates are included into the given Stops Group.

You can separately open each address in each destinations bundle using your Android Route Planner.


Each destination in every Stops Group is displayed as a separate entity (destination) that has its separate stop manifest, ETAs, order details, service time, and other details. To open the details of a particular separate destination in a specific Stops Group (bundle), tap on the given destination and then select “Stop Info” from the menu.

When you have separate addresses in bundles, you can check the order details of each address.


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