Do I Need Special Route Planner Training to Use Route4Me?

No, you don’t need any special route planner training or routing courses to plan routes using any of Route4Me’s solutions. Route4Me’s Web Platform, iOS Route Planner, and Android Route Planner apps are self-service, super intuitive, and extremely easy to use.

With Route4Me’s route planning and optimization solutions, you don’t need to train your route planners on how to plan routes, dispatchers on how to dispatch and track routes, and drivers on how to navigate and complete dispatched routes.

That’s why you can save thousands of dollars and a lot of your team’s time with Route4Me. Route4Me’s apps even provide in-app tutorials and instructions that can guide you through all the necessary steps, offering you a frictionless user experience.

However, if you need any special or additional training, Route4Me provides route planner training packages for businesses with unique operating requirements or complex routing needs. You can easily schedule a Route4Me training session on the self-service platform and schedule a training session for a convenient time slot.

You can also find recorded onboarding and training sessions on our Route4Me YouTube Channel. On our channel, you can also find other useful video material about route planning, route optimization, logistics, and more.

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