Navigating a Route on Your iPad

The Route4Me iPad app integrates with third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze for voice-guided turn-by-turn directions. It also provides written navigation directions within the app.


Getting Voice Guided Turn-by-Turn Directions

NOTE: Voice-guided navigation works on a stop-by-stop basis. You have to perform these actions for each stop.

Open the route you want to run, and then tap the wheel icon on the right side of the address.


Your preferred third-party navigation app then opens, and this is where you can get voice-guided turn-by-turn directions.


If you want to change your default navigation app, tap “More” and then tap “Settings.”


Scroll down to the “Default Navigation App” section and select or tap your preferred app.


Getting In-App Turn-by-Turn Directions

To get written turn-by-turn directions for your active route, tap “Directions” at the bottom part of the screen.


To change the direction preferences, tap “Directions” at the top of the screen.


Select or tap your preferred navigation mode (driving or walking) and distance type (miles or kilometers).

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