Modifying Your Route Settings on an iPad

To change the settings of a planned route, first, tap the gear icon in the top-right of your stops list.


Next, tap “Route Settings.”


This section allows you to modify the following route parameters:

  • – Route Name;
  • – Route Schedule;
  • – Optimization Type;
  • – Optimization for;
  • – Highways and tolls;
  • – Travel Mode.

To learn more about each of these settings, please visit our article on planning a new route.


Re-Optimizing a Planned Route

Whenever you add or remove stops from your route, the optimal address sequence may change. To make sure you have an optimized route even after making these changes, you need to re-optimize it.

Tap “Replan Route” at the top portion of your screen.


Next, tap “Confirm.”

NOTE: If you are a free plan user, please be aware that the number of available routes you can plan decreases in number for each route you re-optimize, as the Route4Me app treats a re-optimized route as a new route.

Please consider upgrading to one of our paid mobile or web plans if you need to re-optimize routes on a regular basis.


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