Tracking Driver Activity on an iPad

Real-time Tracking

Route4Me’s real-time tracking engine allows you to view the actual location of your driver on a map, in real-time, directly from your iPad.


To view your drivers in real-time, first, tap “GPS Tracking” at the bottom of the screen.


The map shows your drivers as pins with their initials in it.


Tap on a pin to display the driver’s details.


Viewing Tracking History

Route4Me saves driver-tracking information, which you can view on the iPad app.

To access the tracking history for a driver, first, tap on the driver’s pin, and then tap the information icon at the top-right of the pop-up window.


Next, tap the calendar icon at the top-left of the map.


Tap the period for which you want to display tracking history.


The map then displays a breadcrumb trail indicating the driver’s traveled roads.


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