Real-Time Push Notifications of Changes

Real-time push notifications are available for a series of actions on your Route4Me account, helping you keep track of the actions performed by your team members. Depending on the Route4Me features that you are using, push notification usually pop up in the top or bottom corners of the screen to let you know about performed action in real-time.

Real-time Push Notifications of Changes


The full list of available real-time push notifications is available below, sorted by device type/website section.

Real-Time Notification EventAndroid PhoneAndroid TabletiPhoneiPadRoute EditorRoutes MapRoute NotesAddress Book ListAddress Book Map
Route Optimized
Route Sequence Change
Address Added
Address Removed
Address Attributes ModifiedYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Route Re-Optimized
Note Added / Uploaded
Note Removed
Marked as Visited
Marked as Departed
Out-of-Sequence Check-In (Deviation)
Speed Limit ExceededPendingPendingPendingPendingPendingPendingPendingPendingPending
Geofence Triggered
Address Moved to Another Route
Route User Re-Assigned
Custom Data Added to Address
New Member Added
Existing Member Removed
Existing Member Modified
Route Removed
Territory Added
Territory Removed
Territory Updated
Driver Arrived Early
Driver Arrived Late
Driver Entered Geofence
Driver Departed Geofence
Geofence Triggered Custom FormN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Out of Road Deviation


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