Manage Your Subscriptions on an iPad

Route4Me subscriptions can be purchased on the Route4Me website or from within the multi-stop route planner app for iPad. Subscriptions bought on the site are handled by Route4Me directly, while the Apple App Store manages the iPad route planner subscription purchased through the route planner app.

The free version of the Route4Me app gives you 10 free optimizations, which allow you to plan or reoptimize up to 10 routes each month. If you need unlimited optimized routes, you can upgrade to one of the paid mobile or business iPad route planner subscription plans.

Mobile subscriptions allow you to use the route optimization software exclusively on iPhone or iPad. In contrast, business subscriptions grant you access to the Route4Me web-based route optimization software solution from a PC or Mac, as well as from a mobile device. Mobile-only users don’t need to log into Route4Me web-based route optimization software, and they can only use the software only on their mobile.


Upgrading Your iPad Route Planner Subscription

Open the Route4Me app on your iPad and tap the Upgrade button at the bottom part of the screen.


Next, choose your preferred subscription type. The Route4Me iPad app has two subscription types: Mobile and Business.

The Route4Me Mobile subscription lets you choose between a monthly and a yearly plan, while the Mobile Free plan is the default for unregistered users.


On the other hand, the Route4Me Business subscription includes the Independent Professional, Team, and Business plans.


Now, after selecting your preferred plan, tap on the subscribe button under it to begin your subscription.


To confirm your subscription, you need to authenticate either by providing your Apple ID’s password or through fingerprint verification using Touch ID.


Tap OK after your subscription confirmation.


Restoring Your Subscription

You might need to restore your subscription if you did or experience any of the following:

  • Recently reinstalled the Route4Me app on your iPad;
  • Upgraded to a newer version of iOS;
  • Unable to access your subscription.

Restore your subscription by making sure you are using the same Apple ID that you initially used to purchase the Route4Me mobile-only subscription within the app.


Open the App Store, then tap Today at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap the circle with your photo at the top right corner.


A dialog box then appears showing you your account name and Apple ID. Make sure that it is indeed yours.


Next, open the Route4Me app. Tap Subscription at the bottom part and then tap Restore Subscription to restore your subscription.



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