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Our routing experts have answered the most frequent requests for proposals (RFP) about Route4Me CRM Integrations below. Hopefully, the information in this post will help you clarify any questions you might have. However, if the information you’re looking for is not included on this page, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Success Team. We’ll happily provide all the details you need.

The most frequently asked questions about Route4Me's CRM Integrations and route planning with CRM customers, orders, and invoices.


Frequently Asked Questions About Route4Me CRM Integrations

Yes, Route4Me enables you to easily integrate your route planner with various customer relations management (CRM) tools, such as HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, etc. via Zapier. In detail, Route4Me’s ability to establish connections with any CRM system on today’s market enables you to automatically import and plan routes with your CRM orders, customer locations, invoices, etc.

For example, once you create a new entry into your CRM software, the respective address and the afferent customer data you’ve added to it will automatically be synced with your Route4Me Synced Address Book. Then, you can include that particular address into your address territories, add it to your optimized routes, plan a new route with it, etc.

Route4Me can integrate with virtually any CRM software available on the market via Zapier. For example, the most popular Route4Me CRM integrations include:

Yes, you can import, manage, and store hundreds of thousands of CRM customers, addresses, orders, invoices, and locations on your Route4Me account. After importing or uploading your customers’ addresses into your Route4Me account, you can view and manage them using your Route4Me Synced Address Book and Address Book Map where you can:

Yes, Route4Me enables you to route your CRM orders, contacts, and invoices. Once your orders, contacts, or invoices have been synced, you can easily view them on the map and plan routes with them straight away. To do so, you only have to select the mapped orders you want to route by drawing shapes around the desired map pins on the map. It’s that simple!

Furthermore, you have multiple options to choose from when planning routes with your CRM contacts. For example, you can plan single driver routes, multiple driver routes, single depot routes, and even multiple depot routes. Additionally, Route4Me’s route planning and last mile optimization software gives you the ability to:

Finally, after planning your routes, you can always go back and insert new orders into any of your already planned routes or existing optimizations.

Yes, Route4Me’s last mile optimization software enables users to plan optimized routes that take into account customers’ availability and delivery time windows. Moreover, Route4Me allows you to add not one but 2 time windows per address. This helps you minimize driver idling between route stops and gives you extra routing flexibility.

Furthermore, you can import delivery time windows data straight from your CRM system or add it after importing your CRM contacts.

Yes, Route4Me supports Zoho CRM integration for automated contact synchronization. Thus, whenever a new contact is added to your Zoho CRM account, you can automatically send this contact’s details to Route4Me. Integrating Route4Me route planning software with Zoho CRM enables you to automatically map and then plan the most cost-efficient routes with your Zoho CRM customers.

After that, you can use Route4Me’s Address Book Map to map your Zoho CRM customer and contact addresses on the interactive map. On the map, you can create territories, use address filters, adjust contact details, and more. Furthermore, you can select your Zoho CRM customers and contacts for planning and optimizing routes. Additionally, you can include Zoho CRM addresses into already planned routes.

For automated import of Zoho CRM contacts into Route4Me route planner software, you can use Zapier. If you need a more advanced integration of your Route4Me software with Zoho CRM, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Yes, you can integrate your Route4Me route planner with Pipedrive CRM integration. Specifically, with Route4Me’s Pipedrive CRM integration, you can enable automated CRM contact synchronization via Zapier. By doing so, every time you add a new prospect or lead to your Pipedrive sales pipeline it will automatically sync with your Route4Me Synced Address Book.

Next, you can view the imported CRM addresses on Route4Me’s Address Book Map where you can create address territories, edit addresses, group addresses, and more. Equally important, you can also plan optimized routes with various route optimization constraints using your newly imported Pipedrive customer address data.

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Support Team to request a more advanced Route4Me-Pipedrive CRM integration.

Yes, Route4Me’s route planning software supports HubSpot CRM integration. In detail, Route4Me enables CRM contact synchronization between HubSpot and your Route4Me account via Zapier. This CRM integration enables you to bridge the gap between your route planner and customer relationship management software and get your latest CRM entries automatically synced with your Route4Me Address Book. Furthermore, you can use your synced CRM contacts for address mapping, route planning, territory planning, route scheduling, and more.

For a more advanced Hubspot CRM integration, contact our Customer Support Team.

Yes, Route4Me supports QuickBooks accounting software integration. Specifically, you can easily set up your Route4Me QuickBooks Integration in a few clicks using Zapier. Once the integration is established, your QuickBooks contacts will automatically appear into your Route4Me Synced Address Book. Then, you are able to access, manage, and plan routes with all your QuickBooks customers using the Route4Me last mile optimization software.

If you need a more advanced QuickBooks integration, contact our Customer Support Team.

Yes, Route4Me supports Salesforce CRM integration. Specifically, you can integrate your Salesforce CRM with Route4Me’s last mile route planning software using Zapier. Once integrated, you can automatically sync Salesforce CRM prospects with Route4Me and then use Salesforce addresses for planning optimized routes.

Then, you can easily manage your Salesforce addresses using your Route4Me Address  Book Map where you can edit, update, and map all of your imported addresses. Next, you can use your mapped customer addresses to plan the most optimal routes, create address territories, and more.

In case you need a more advanced Route4Me-Salesforce CRM Integration, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Yes, Route4Me supports Xero accounting management software integration. Namely, you can easily establish a connection between your Route4Me route planner software and Xero via Zapier. By doing so, you will be able to automatically sync your Xero contacts with the Route4Me Synced Address Book.

By doing so, you will be able to use your Xero contacts for route planning, address territory mapping, route optimization, route scheduling, etc. without having to manually copy data from one software to another.

If you are looking for a more advanced integration with Xero, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Yes, Route4Me enables you to establish a connection between your Google Contacts and Route4Me accounts via Zapier for contact synchronization. Once you establish a connection and automated contact synchronization between your Route4Me route optimization software and Google Contacts account, your newly created Google Contact entries will be automatically synced with your Route4Me Synced Address Book.

Once your Google Contacts addresses have been synced, you can view them on the interactive Address Book Map where you can set icon override, color code each address, edit contact details, and more. Next, you can use the imported Google Contacts to plan optimized routes, create territories, schedule deliveries, etc.

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