Multi Depot, Multi Driver, Time Windows with Avoidance Zones

With Route4Me, you can quickly find the best solution to complicated route planning mathematical problems such as the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and the Vehicle Route Problem (VRP). Not only you can find the most cost and time-efficient routes in seconds, but you can also add different layers of complexity and customization to each of your routes.

For example, the “Avoidance Zones” feature allows you to create regions that your team of drivers heading out of multiple depots will not enter when they’re visiting the destinations on their route. It may be used to avoid areas that are under construction, have been impacted by natural disasters, or that drivers should avoid because of internal businesses regulations. You can add unlimited avoidance zones to your account and up to 10 avoidance zones to each route you plan. Please visit our dedicated article on avoidance zones to learn more.