What Is Fleet Tracking?


Fleet tracking is one of the most critical fleet management processes. It facilitates near-real-time asset tracking and vehicle usage data collecting, which helps businesses spend less on fuel and personnel while increasing productivity and revenue. Fleet tracking systems use the Global Navigation Satellite System network, GPS devices, and GPS receivers to determine fleet assets’ exact location.


Fleet Tracking Best Practices

Fleet managers need to monitor their employees’ productivity levels to ensure their operations are financially efficient. Here are the best practices of fleet tracking:

Following fleet tracking best practices gets easier when using enterprise delivery routing software or route optimization software as these tools can automate all the tracking and reporting processes.


Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet tracking software helps fleet managers streamline their route planning process while optimizing costs and closely supervising their fleet resources. Fleet tracking software enables near real-time asset tracking with on-map representations.


How to Choose Fleet Tracking Software?

When evaluating Fleet Tracking Software Solutions for your logistics business, you need to take into consideration the following selection criteria:

  • Ease of use, intuitive design, and low learning curve: to avoid additional training expenses
  • Telematics integration: to avoid disparate systems and siloed data
  • Detailed reporting capabilities: to offer you a visual overview of how your business is doing
  • Near real-time fleet vehicles tracking: to monitor your employees’ productivity levels and driving behavior
  • Customizable subscription plan: to pay only for the features you actually need
  • Delivery route planner: to win the last mile

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