What Would It Cost to Build Route4Me at Your Company in the USA or Europe (Personnel & Staff Expenses)

The first and the most crucial resource when building your own route and logistics optimization platform is the team of professionals who will be able to plan, design, execute and control the development process, test, and deploy the final product into your business environment. The table below provides the average monthly and annual personnel and staff expenses required for developing Route4Me at your company in the USA or Europe (without the cost of finding, hiring, and training new personnel and staff). Route4Me has invested over 2,000,000 man-hours to develop its platform, which is approximately 1,000 man-years – or about 100 people working full time for ten years. The annual total cost to build and manage Route4Me as an in-house proprietary system is $6,293,754. In contrast, the cost to subscribe to Route4Me as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) averages about $500 per month, or about $6,000 per year.

Role/PositionCountAnnual HoursDomestic Salary15% Markup10% BonusFully Loaded Annualized Cost (1)Fully Loaded Cost for AllTotal Annual Hours
Chief Technology Officer or VP Engineering12,000$250,000$37,500$25,000$312,500$312,5002,000
Chief Algorithm Scientist12,000$200,000$30,000$20,000$250,000$250,0002,000
Sr. Algorithm Developer12,000$175,000$26,250$17,500$218,750$218,7502,000
QA Manager or Director12,000$125,000$18,750$12,500$156,250$156,2502,000
QA Tester42,000$75,000$11,250$7,500$93,750$375,0008,000
QA Auto testing22,000$110,000$16,500$11,000$137,500$275,0004,000
Sr. Programmer – Front End22,000$100,000$15,000$10,000$125,000$250,0004,000
Sr. Programmer – Backend62,000$150,000$22,500$15,000$187,500$1,125,00012,000
Sr. Programmer – API22,000$150,000$22,500$15,000$187,500$375,0004,000
Database Architect / Enterprise Architect12,000$175,000$26,250$17,500$218,750$218,7502,000
Technical Writer – Customer Documentation12,000$65,000$9,750$6,500$81,250$81,2502,000
Technical Writer – Internal Documentation12,000$65,000$9,750$6,500$81,250$81,2502,000
Sr. UX and UI Designer22,000$110,000$16,500$11,000$137,500$275,0004,000
DevOps Engineer (Backups, Infra, HA, DR, etc.)32,000$120,000$18,000$12,000$150,000$450,0006,000
SecOps Engineer or CISO12,000$180,000$27,000$18,000$225,000$225,0002,000
Sr. Product Manager22,000$125,000$18,750$12,500$156,250$312,5004,000
Sr. Project Manager / Scrum Master22,000$125,000$18,750$12,500$156,250$312,5004,000
Data Analyst / Data Scientist / BI22,000$150,000$22,500$15,000$187,500$375,0004,000
Mobile Programmer (iOS/Android/Both)42,000$125,000$18,750$12,500$156,250$625,0008,000
Annual Costs Without Stock Grants------$6,293,75478,000
Average Hourly Rate------$80.69-


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