Viewing Your Stops on Your iPhone

Opening a Route

Each time you optimize a route, the system automatically sets it as your active route. When you open the Route4Me app, you’ll be taken to the “Stops” screen displaying the addresses for your active route.

If there is more than one planned route on your account, you can access the full list in the “Routes” menu.

Tap “Routes.”


Tap the route you want to open.


Select “Confirm.”

This will allow you to view the stops for the selected route and it will also set it as the active route for your account.


Searching for a Route

The most recently planned route is displayed at the top of your routes list. However, if you have multiple routes to choose from, you can search for a specific route by:

  • – Route name;
  • – Address on the route;
  • – Alias.

If the same address or alias is included in multiple routes, they will all appear in the search results.

To search for a route, access the “Routes” menu and tap the search icon.


Type in the search text, then tap “Search.”


The search will return all results that match your search criteria.


Viewing the Stops on Your Route

When you open a route on your iPhone, you will be directed to the “Stops” screen.

Here you can view general route details, such as the name, schedule or distance of the route, as well as the sequence of stops included in the route.


To view detailed information for an address, tap on it in the stops list.


Next, tap “Destination Info.”


Here you will find all the details associated with the stop.

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