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Route4Me’s iOS Route Planner app helps you save time and make more money by optimizing your daily routing, field service, field sales, and any other last-mile operations. For your convenience, you can easily change or upgrade Route4Me Mobile subscription at any time. For example, if you run a seasonal business, you may want to have a Monthly Route4Me Mobile subscription for specific months of the year. Or, if your business doesn’t depend on seasonal changes, you may want to get the Route4Me Yearly Mobile subscription. Further, you can learn how to upgrade, downgrade, and manage your Route4Me Mobile subscription on an iPhone and iPad.



Upgrade Route4Me Mobile Subscription for iOS Route Planner

To upgrade Route4Me Mobile subscription on your iPhone Route Planner app, go to “Upgrade” from the navigation menu. Next, select the preferred subscription plan and then tap on the “Subscribe” button. After that, check the new due date, payment amount, and other subscription details and then confirm the purchase. Similarly, repeat the same steps to downgrade Route4Me Mobile subscription on your iPhone Route Planner.

Upgrade Route4Me Mobile subscription for the iPhone Route Planner app.


Manage Route4Me Mobile Subscription for iPhone Route Planner

To open and manage Route4Me Mobile subscription on your iPhone or iPad, go to your device settings. Then, go to your Apple ID at the top, select “Subscriptions” from the menu, and then open the Route4Me subscription.

Open and manage Route4Me Mobile subscription for the iPhone Route Planner app.


Next, you can check your Route4Me subscription details, such as the due date, payment amount, etc. Additionally, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription. Accordingly, to upgrade Route4Me Mobile subscription, select the respective subscription option. Similarly, select another subscription option to downgrade your subscription.

NOTE: Route4Me Mobile subscription on your iPhone or iPad is linked to your Apple ID and billed by Apple. Therefore, Route4Me can’t manage, cancel, or restore your subscription. You can learn more about managing App Store purchases, subscriptions, etc., linked to your Apple ID on the Apple Support Center.

Change to upgrade or downgrade the Route4Me Mobile subscription for the iPhone Route Planner app.



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