Delete/Uninstall the iOS Route Planner App from Your iPhone

Route4Me’s iPhone Route Planner is designed to make your routing operations and field transactions as efficient and flexible as possible, allowing you to effortlessly plan, optimize, and navigate routes of any complexity on the go, create and manage usersgenerate orders, and much more. NOTE: When you delete Route4Me’s iOS app from your iPhone, it doesn’t cancel your Route4Me Mobile subscription and doesn’t affect your Route4Me Mobile subscription in any way. Your Route4Me Mobile subscription is linked to the Apple account that was used for purchasing it and billed through this Apple account accordingly.


To delete Route4Me’s iOS Route Planner from your iPhone, first, tap and hold on the Route4Me app icon on the home screen until the app icon starts to shake. After that, tap on the X symbol next to the app’s icon (while the app icon is still shaking) and then confirm that you want to delete the app from your device accordingly.

Deleting/Uninstalling Route4Me's iOS Route Planner App from Your iPhone


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