Time Windows Team Routing

When you need to provide service to multiple customers or addresses in a specified timeframe, you can use Route4Me’s powerful Time Windows Distributed Team Routing algorithm. To access this feature, click the “Time Windows Team Route” tab under the “Optimization” section.


The algorithm models real-world constraints and limitations that exist in your business, such as the road-network, drivers, vehicles, and those defined by your customers. It optimizes your specified constraints to produce the minimal number of routes required to fill the time slots that customers say they are available for service, pick-up, or delivery. All you need to do is enter the maximum number of vehicles you want your route to be split in, and Route4Me will optimize it based on these constraints.

To plan a distributed team route, go to “Plan New Route” and select the “Upload a File” method. To make the most out of this feature, you should upload a .csv spreadsheet with two additional columns:

start_time – The start of the time window for that particular address. When entering the start time, use the following format: HH:MM:SS. Please note that Route4Me uses military time, so 9 am will be written down as 09:00:00 and 3 pm as 15:00:00.

end_time – The end of the time window for that particular address. Just like the start time, make sure the header of the column is written properly and without any spaces. When writing down the time, use the same format in the “start_time” column.

Here’s an example of how your spreadsheet should look before you upload it:


You can also add the time window and service time manually for each address on your route. Go to routes in your account, open the route you want to edit by clicking the gear button and selecting “Open Route.” Click on any address in your route, and the address menu will appear on the right.

In the “Time” section, fill out the “Time Window Start,” “Time Window End” and “Service Time” fields. If your route spans over several days, first enter the day number, then the start or end time.

You can do the same for any address in the route. Your team route will be updated instantly each time you enter new time window and service time information.


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