Route4Me Legacy Subscription Plans

Route4Me is designed to be both a vertical and a horizontal platform route planning, route optimization, and fleet management solution that can facilitate virtually any business that requires routing and logistics services. Route4Me’s Marketplace enables customers to configure their own custom subscription plans and include only those route optimization features and fleet management capabilities that perfectly accommodate the particular needs of their businesses or unique business models. Route4Me also supports but no longer offers the following legacy subscription plans: Independent Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise web subscription plans. The table below provides the list of all the route optimization features and fleet management functionalities included in the corresponding legacy subscriptions. 


FeaturesIndependent ProfessionalTeam BusinessEnterprise
Recommended Amount of Users1 User/DriverUp to 7 Users/Drivers/VehiclesIncludes 100 Users/Drivers/Vehicles500 Users/Drivers Minimum
Price per Additional User-+$39 per Additional User+$69 per Additional User            Contact Us             
Amount of Routes and StopsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom Package
Setup FeeNo Setup FeeNo Setup FeeNo Setup FeeSetup Fee Varies
Tracking 1 Week Tracking1 Year TrackingUnlimited Tracking
Support Service LevelE-Mail & Chat SupportWeekday 9-5 Phone SupportWeekday 9-5 Phone Support24/7/365 Phone Support + SLA
Planning RoutesPlan Routes for YourselfPlan Routes for OthersPlan Routes for OthersPlan Routes for Others
Advanced Time + Capacity RestrictionsTime WindowsAdvanced Route Settings
Features That Dramatically Reduce Route Planning Time And Maximize Your Savings
Individual Driver Routing
Projected ETA’s
Distributed Team Routing
Automatic Route Eliminator™
Time Window Constraints
Real-Time Dynamic ETA’s
Multiple Depot Routing
Continuous Route Balancing
Interactive Team Congregation
Advanced Constraints
API Access Integration
Netsuite Integration
Microsoft Dynamics Integration
Class 1-8 Truck Routes
Dedicated Planning Terminal
Custom Algorithm Development
Support In Case You Need Help
Live Chat Support
E-Mail Support
Weekly Open Q&A Session
Knowledge Base Access
Business Hours Phone Support
24/7 USA Phone Support
2 Dedicated Points of Contact
Key Features
iPhone, iPad, Android Sync
Upload Excel & CSV Files
Unlimited Routes
Unlimited Optimizations
Unlimited Stops per Route
Unlimited Addresses
Unlimited Address Book Contacts
Real-Time Tracking & Breadcrumbs
Unlimited Planning Horizon
Unlimited Saved Routes
Unlimited Notes & Uploads
Unlimited Sign-on-Glass eSignatures
Share Routes by E-Mail
CSV & GPS File Export
Supports All Routing Schedules
Supports All Route Configuration Tour Types
Round Trip
Lock-Last Stop
End at Any Stop
Increase Sales & Visit More Prospects with our Customer Address Book
Mobile Address Book Sync
Map Your Customers
Search for Customers
Territory Management3 Territories5 Territories10 TerritoriesUnlimited
Color-Coded Customer Pins
Unlimited Custom Data
Search Groups & Filters3510Unlimited
Team Access & Real-Time iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablet Tracking
Track Users on a Map
Tracking Movie Playback
Team Management
Supports All Routing Types
Linear-Distance Routing
Street-Level Routing
Time-Based Routing
Additional Business Improvement Features
Visual Route Timeline
Dynamic Stop Insertion
Route Manifest
Route Printing
High-Resolution Maps
Reporting & Analytics
Distributed Team Routing
Projected ETA’s
Time Window Constraints
Real-Time Dynamic ETA’s
Multiple Time-Windows
Multiple Depot Routing
Continuous Route Balancing
Weight Constraints
Capacity Constraints
Distance Constraints
Driver Constraints
API Access


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Route4Me has over 35,000 customers globally. Route4Me's Android and iPhone mobile apps have been downloaded over 2 million times since 2009. Extremely easy-to-use, Route4Me's apps create optimized routes, synchronize routes to mobile devices, enable communication with drivers and customers, offer turn-by-turn directions, delivery confirmation, and more. Behind the scenes, Route4Me's operational optimization platform combines high-performance algorithms with data science, machine learning, and big data to plan, optimize, and analyze routes of almost any size in real-time.

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