Route4Me Bulk Route Analyzer

The Route4Me Bulk Route Analyzer app allows you to upload a large number of addresses and synchronously create dozens or hundreds of routes.

Go to Make sure you are logged into your Route4Me account before you access the uploader, otherwise you will be required to input your API key.

The batch uploader requires an address list (a .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX spreadsheet) and a set of parameters (.JSON).


You can download a sample address list and parameter files for the most common route types.


The address field should contain the following required columns:

  • – Alias – Name of the destination
  • – Address – The exact address for the destination on your route
  • – Arbitrarily named “Group” column – the information in the “Group” column (you can name it differently if you so choose) acts as a route ID and it is used as criteria for splitting up routes into multiple parts


You can optionally include any additional columns. For more information on preparing your address list, visit our article on using spreadsheet files.

The parameters .JSON file should include the desired parameters for your route.


Please visit our section on Setting the Route Parameters to learn more.

Type in the name you assigned to the “Group” column in the “Group” field.


You can input the name of the file that will be generated once the batch processing is complete in the “Output Filename” field. This is also the name that will correspond with the newly created routes in your routes list.


If you only want to get latitude and longitude coordinates for your addresses, without planning any routes, check the “Only Geocode” box at the top of the screen.


Finally, click “Create Routes Now.”


You will be able to see the progress and status of your planned route on the Bulk Route Analyzer list screen.


The planned routes will become available in the Routes List view on your account.


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