Editing a Route

You can make changes to a planned route at any time using Route4Me route editing features.

When viewing a route, you can change the order in which you visit the addresses, add or remove addresses, re-optimize the route and even reverse it.

Changing Address Order

Route4Me automatically optimizes the order in which addresses are visited in your routes, according to the criteria you set. However, you can choose to override this optimization if you need to.

Select “Routes”, then click on the gear and select “Open Route”. In the address menu on the right, just drag any address and drop it to a new position. The route will be automatically reconfigured and the changes will show on your route map. Note that manually changing your routes might not provide you with the best cost or time effective solution.

Change your routes' address order using Route4Me

Adding and Removing Addresses

If you want to add a new address to a saved route, just click on “Insert” in the top left menu bar, then “Add Address”.

Add and remove addresses from your routes with Route4Me

This will open a pop-up window where you can manually enter the address. Click “Done” and the address will be automatically added to your route.

Add and remove addresses from your routes with Route4Me

You can also add several addresses at once by uploading a .csv, .xls or .xlsx spreadsheet. For more information on creating spreadsheets for your route, please visit the “Planning your First Route” section. Click “Insert” and then “Upload a File”.

Plan a route by uploading a file in Route4Me

After uploading your file, your new addresses will be displayed for your review. Make any necessary changes by clicking “Continue to Review” and finish the upload when you’re done.

Map route planner Route4Me lets you see your addresses on a map

Adding new addresses to the route might affect the route optimization, so you should re-optimize your route. To do so, click on “Route” in the top left panel and then “Re-optimize this route”. Your route will be optimized in a matter of seconds.

Reoptimize an already optimized route easily using Route4Me

When you want to remove an address, just click the “X” next to the address you want to eliminate from the route.

Finally, you can reverse the route if you think that would help you beat traffic by clicking “Route” and then “Reverse this route”.