Adding Addresses to a New Route

Route4Me features five methods for adding addresses to a route, to accommodate different needs.

In the “Routes” tab in the navigation panel on the left-hand side of your screen, click “Plan New Route”.

You can choose to add addresses to your route in five different ways: through the interactive map editor, by copying and pasting a list of addresses, by uploading a spreadsheet with your addresses from your computer or by uploading your addresses from a cloud account. Alternatively, you can scan your address list and send it to the Route4Me support department for digitization.

The Interactive Map Editor is a useful option if you’re planning a small route, with 10 stops or less. It lets you add each address manually, either by typing it in or by selecting it directly from a map.

The Copy-and-Paste option lets you add several addresses to your route at once, by pasting them in from another file or software. This is a good option if you’re planning small or medium routes and you already have a list of your addresses which you can copy and paste into Route4Me.

The Upload a File and Import Data features are the recommended options for planning a route. They are the most efficient ways to add multiple addresses, by uploading or importing a spreadsheet file to Route4Me. This is the feature you should consider when planning large routes.

The Upload Scan option allows you to scan a paper document containing your address list. The address list will be digitized by the Route4Me support department.

Please visit the articles below for detailed information about each option.