Planning Large Routes with the Address Book Map

Route4Me’s address book makes it easy to plan routes with a large number of addresses using the Address Book Map, in three simple steps:

  1. Upload your address list to the Address Book;
  2. Select contacts on the address book map;
  3. Set the route parameters and finish planning the route


Uploading the Address List

You can upload up to 10,000 addresses at a time to the address book. The recommended columns you can include are: “Alias”, “First_Name”, “Last_Name”, “Address”, “Group”, “Email”, “Phone”. Any additional columns you insert in your spreadsheet will be added to the custom data section of your contact. To learn more about setting up your file for upload, please visit our article on using spreadsheet files.

Click on the “Address Book”, then select “Address Book List”.


Click the “Upload Addresses” button in the top left of your screen.

Select the file from your computer. Review your addresses if necessary, then click “Add to Address Book” to complete the upload.


Drawing Shapes on the Address Book Map

Once your address list is uploaded to the address book, you can start planning routes by selecting contacts on the address book map. The address book map makes it easy to plan your routes in a visual and intuitive way by selecting up to 1000 addresses (for single driver routes) or up to 500 addresses (for multiple driver routes).

The address selection tools are available in the top left hand side corner of the map.


The “Draw a shape” tool lets draw an irregular shape around the addresses you want to select for your route. Once your selection is completed, you will be able to see the number of addresses included.


If your address selection exceeds the maximum limit (1000 for single driver routes or 500 for multiple driver routes), you can modify the shape by dragging the dots that appear on the borders.


After adjusting your selection, click “Plan route with selected” to set the route parameters and plan the route.


Setting the Route Parameters

The third and last step is setting the route parameters for your route. Please visit our dedicated section to learn more about this step.


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