Monitor Routing Activity on Your iPad

You can keep track of all actions performed on any of your planned routes through the iPad app.


Viewing the Activity Feed

The activity feed displays all routing activities, such as route modifications, note additions or driver progress. It allows you to audit each planned route and is available for the active route (selected and opened in the routes list).

To view the activity feed, first, tap “More” at the bottom of the screen.


Then, tap “Activity Feed.”


The activity feed lists all the actions performed on the active route in chronological order.


Team Communication with Two-Way Real-Time Chat

You can communicate with other users in real time through the comments section of the activity feed.

First, tap the comments field at the bottom of the screen.


Then, type in the message you want to send to the driver, and then either tap “Send” or the send icon.


Doing so sends a message notification to the driver currently assigned to the route, and is then saved in the activity feed.

Lastly, tap “OK” to refresh and return to the activity feed.


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