Managing Your Subscriptions on an iPhone

Route4Me subscriptions can be purchased on the Route4Me website or from within the mobile app. Subscriptions bought on the website are handled by Route4Me directly, while subscriptions bought through the mobile app are managed by the Apple App Store.

The free version of the Route4Me app gives you 10 free optimizations, which allow you to plan or reoptimize up to 10 routes each month.
If you need unlimited routes, you can upgrade to one of the paid mobile or business subscription plans.

Mobile subscriptions permit you to use the software exclusively on iPhone or iPad, while business subscriptions grant you access to from a PC or Mac, as well as from a mobile device. Mobile-only users don’t need to log into and they can only use the software only on their mobile.


Upgrading Your Subscription

Tap the “Upgrade” button, then tap the “Route4Me Mobile” tab.


Next, tap on your preferred subscription type.
“Route4Me Mobile” lets you choose between a monthly and a yearly mobile subscription.


“Route4Me Business” gives you access to the Independent Professional, Team and Business plans.


After selecting your preferred plan, tap the “Subscribe” button.


Sign in using your Apple credentials, then follow the steps on the screen to finish subscribing.


Reactivating Subscriptions

Whenever you wish to reactivate your Route4Me subscription, you can restore your subscription to Route4Me in two simple steps.

1. Make sure you are using the same Apple ID that you initially used to purchase the Route4Me Subscription within the mobile app. You can check this by opening “App Store” → go to “Featured” tab on the bottom left → scroll all the way down and see the Apple ID you’re using. You can also click on “Apple ID: your email address” link → scroll down and click “Manage Subscriptions” to make sure your Route4Me service is active.

2. Once the first step has been completed, open the Route4Me app, click the “Subscriptions” tab and then click the “Restore Subscription” button.

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