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From time-to-time aggressive firewall software has an impact on the way that Route4Me is able to communicate with your computer. Typically, our address validator is unable to let your computer know that your addresses have been validated or that your route has been planned. If you encounter such issues, please contact our support team.
You can export all your customers from Quickbooks into a CSV file, and import them directly into Route4Me. There is a team at Route4Me currently working on integrating Route4Me with Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks online, to make sure our route planner is integrated into the software.
The Route4Me Salesforce Appxchange app is currently in the final phases of testing.
No. Route4Me is entirely web-based and can only be used when you have an internet connection on your computer or mobile phones. Route4Me eliminates the need to buy expensive office servers and also gives you peace-of-mind because our servers are monitored and backed-up 24/7/365.
No. You can start saving time and money today by using any web browser, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone can be used to take advantage of Route4Me’s software.
The Route4Me software needs an internet connection to download a specific route, but you can go offline, mark addresses as visited, add notes, and attach images. Once an internet connection is available, the application will automatically synchronize the route changes to our master servers and will assign timestamps that correspond to the time when you marked an address as visited or added notes. If the GPS was enabled, the entire GPS trace will get submitted to our main servers once the internet was available on the phone.
The iPhone and iPad applications require the internet to download new routes and browse around new sections of the map. However, you can still see a list of all the route destinations without the internet.
All the information is automatically submitted to our main servers as soon as internet connectivity is available again.
Route4Me has integrations with multiple third-party vendors. We use multiple vendors for reliability purposes, but also so that customers in various regions of the world are automatically routed to the software vendor that is optimized for that geography.
Route4Me uses third-party enterprise mapping vendors, some of which update their maps up to 10,000 times per hour.
Route4Me is a web-based software-as-a-service. Route4Me may make several new software releases per day, throughout the entire day, seven days a week. Updates that are made to Route4Me on the server are mostly invisible and seamless to our users and come at no additional cost to our customers. You may occasionally notice small changes in the way our website looks or functions, as a result of these enhancements.
On a case-by-case basis, Route4Me can develop proprietary algorithms that meet and exceed business requirements of any complexity.
Yes. Route4Me has a native Salesforce managed package. This means that any Enterprise organization can install the Route4Me software and plan routes directly from within the interface. The routes are linked to the account holder’s Route4Me account, which is usually their email address. Any planned routes are automatically synchronized to all connected mobile devices, and sub-users (if desired).
Route4Me has a sophisticated geocoding system which permits you to upload a file containing hundreds of thousands of addresses. Route4Me renders these addresses on a list view and on a map along with the confidence level of each address. You can select the address that you feel has the highest confidence level, or override the suggested coordinates by moving the address marker to any point on the map.
Route4Me works with any computer running an up-to-date web browser, and almost every iPhone/iPad/Android device that is being used today.
Enterprise subscribers can access their API key by clicking “My Account” → “API”.
Fuel costs are currently set manually. However, Route4Me can integrate with other APIs to pull in the fuel costs dynamically.
There is no time limit on how far back the search engine can lookup route information on the “Routes List” page.

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