Route Planning and Last Mile Optimization RFP FAQ – Request for Proposal Frequently Asked Questions

Route4Me is a next-generation last-mile routing and smart logistics optimization platform. With 10+ years of experience and over 2 million mobile app downloads, Route4Me is continually improving route planning and optimization across emerging markets. Below you can find some of the most frequently asked questions that Route4Me’s Partners and Customers ask about route planning and last-mile optimization when reviewing our Request for Proposal. If you didn’t find the answers to your questions in the list below, please feel free to ask your Route4Me Routing Expert or our Support Team for more information.


Yes, Route4Me’s proprietary optimization engine allows you to plan routes with hundreds of thousands of sales orders, invoices, and destinations in a matter of seconds. Route4Me’s software is compatible with such e-commerce platforms as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, bigCommerce, osCommerce, Squarespace, Volusion, and other resources that are widely used by many businesses for supporting their e-commerce sites.

Yes, Route4Me’s Dynamic Stop Insertion allows you to automatically organize and insert your deliveries, invoices, orders, and destinations into the most optimal already planned and optimized routes.

Yes, Route4Me’s proprietary route optimization algorithm and cutting edge optimization technologies allow you to plan the most efficient and optimal routes with the shortest possible distance and time and the most accurate ETAs. Thus, by always arriving on time, you can raise customer satisfaction and maintain a professional and reliable reputation.

Yes, Route4Me’s iOS and Android mobile apps support various third-party navigation apps, allowing you to use the Google Maps mobile app for Google routing. Thus, you can optimize your routes using Route4Me’s mobile route planner on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet and then navigate your routes using Google Maps.

Yes, Route4Me’s solutions are extremely flexible. Our Routing Experts will work with you on creating the most cost-effective solution that will accommodate your specific optimization requirements and the particular needs of your unique business model. Route4Me uses only your real operational data to show you where you can improve your routing operations and how you can get the desired results. Route4Me is a next-generation last-mile optimization platform with 10+ years of experience and over 2 million app downloads that prove that our customers trust us and that we are continuously working on improving their user experience.

Yes, Route4Me’s route optimization technology is continuously updating to help you win the last mile. Thus, when you are signing a Service Level Agreement with Route4Me, thanks to Route4Me’s proprietary optimization algorithm and cutting edge technology that is based on machine learning, the promised delivery times and other optimization advantages can provide only better results with time. In other words, thanks to our continuously progressing technologies, the longer you stay with Route4Me, the more productive and efficient results you will get.

Yes, once you enter your addresses into the system, Route4Me automatically validates, geocodes, and corrects your addresses, outputting addresses with high validation confidence. Moreover, Route4Me also allows you to manage your addresses at the stage of validation by providing multiple address validation options for incorrect or truncated addresses.

Yes, Route4Me can be integrated with virtually any mobile device, GPS tracker, computer, and various types of mobile solutions and software. You can use Route4Me’s iOS and Android mobile apps on your smartphone, or you can use Route4Me’s Telematics Gateway to integrate any preferred mobile and/or telematics solution with your Route4Me account. Once your mobile solution is integrated, you will be able to use it for collecting various types of actionable intelligence that will help you streamline your routing and logistics operations.

Yes, with Route4Me, you can manually select the depot from which you want your routes to start. Moreover, Route4Me provides multiple optimization types, allowing you to manually define the depot for a single route or for multiple routes generated by a single optimization. Route4Me’s dynamic routing software also permits you to manually change the depot of already planned and optimized routes.

Yes, Route4Me’s interactive maps support address clustering. When you have multiple addresses that are located in close proximity to each other, Route4Me will automatically display such addresses as convenient address clusters when zooming in and out.

Yes, Route4Me’s optimization solutions are extremely flexible. Depending on your daily business goals and available assets, you can choose from multiple Route4Me optimization tools that will accommodate your business and operating needs right now.

Yes, Route4Me’s Address Territories allow you to group all your customer addresses by geographic areas using custom-shaped geographic territories. You can use Route4Me’s Address Territories to group customers by address or service area and then use your custom-shaped Address Territories for planning and optimizing routes.

Yes, Route4Me’s proprietary optimization algorithm does all the calculating and computing for you. All you need to do is import hundreds of thousands of addresses into the system, and Route4Me will automatically output the most optimal number of routes with the most cost-effective and time-efficient stops sequences.

Yes, Route4Me’s Advanced Search Groups provide hundreds of thousands of advanced filters that allow you to automatically separate deliveries, invoices, destinations, etc., per one or multiple routes right on the interactive map.

Yes, Route4Me allows you to plan any number of routes that you need using multiple route management tools and add new routes to the already existing routes.

Yes, Route4Me provides multiple route planning methods (using the Synced Address Book Map, Orders, Address Territories, etc.), allowing you to plan routes that can include destinations associated with a single particular customer.

Yes, Route4Me is a web-based application that uses only digital maps for detailed determination of all types of distances. Moreover, Route4Me’s interactive maps allow users to view not only the total distance of a given route, but also the distance from the depot to any stop on the route, distance from one address to the next one, the dynamic distance that can change depending on the live route modifications, and more.

Yes, Route4Me is a multi-purpose last-mile routing and smart-logistics optimization platform that can act as a single control and management panel. Route4Me can also be frictionlessly integrated with your servers and software.


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