Route GPS Tracking and Route Progress Monitoring RFP FAQ – Request for Proposal Frequently Asked Questions

With more than ten years of experience in the industry and more than 2 million iOS and Android mobile app downloads, Route4Me is continuously redefining smart logistics and route optimization across emerging markets. By combining robust route optimization with cutting-edge tracking technologies, Route4Me provides seamless continuity throughout the entire optimization, navigation, and tracking process. Below you can find some of the most frequently asked questions that Route4Me’s Partners and Customers ask about route GPS tracking and last mile progress monitoring. If you can’t find the answers to your particular questions below, please ask your Route4Me Routing Expert for more information or contact our Support Team and we will try to help you as fast as possible.


Yes, Route4Me’s maps offer easy-to-use map settings with a high level of mapping details and address accuracy. Route4Me’s interactive maps provide such flexible settings as multiple viewing modes (i.e., satellite, regular, etc.), current traffic with accidents, driving directions, multiple driving lines types, address clustering, zooming in and out, color-coding, and much more.

Yes, Route4Me provides integrations with almost all Telematics Vendors in the market, allowing you to import GPS data about your fleets and teams from any preferred telematics source. Once raw telematics data is imported into your Route4Me account, it is instantly processed and presented to you in the form of interactive dashboards and reports. Thus, Route4Me’s dashboards and reports can show you your organization’s near real-time costs, generated revenue, team performance, KPIs, route progress, and many other types of actionable intelligence.

Yes, moreover, Route4Me also allows you to adjust the GPS position refresh rate of your telematics vehicles and GPS devices. Thus, with Route4Me’s tracking technologies, the telematics position refresh rate of your assets can be manually adjusted to range from as frequently as 1 second to any other preferred interval. For more convenience, Route4Me supports almost all types of tracking and telematics devices that can have different update ranges. In addition to that, Route4Me’s iOS and Android mobile apps can update the GPS location of your assets as quickly as every second.

Yes, Route4Me provides multiple GPS and telematics tracking solutions, allowing you to track and trace all your vehicles and team members in near real-time right on the interactive map with various map settings. Depending on your Telematics Vendor, you can also use other monitoring options like speed tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and so on.

Yes, Route4Me’s geofencing technologies allow you to set up virtual perimeters around your customers’ locations for various tracking purposes. For example, you can set up geofences for automating your tracking processes, recording when your drivers actually arrive at customer locations as opposed to what drivers specify manually, checking how much time drivers stay within your geofences when servicing customers, and more. You can also use geofences for setting up geofence triggered alerts that will send notifications to customers when your driver has arrived at their location or when their delivery has been completed. For more convenience, you can also customize your geofences by selecting the preferred geofence shape, size, geofence trigger time, and other parameters.

Yes, Route4Me is compatible with such popular e-commerce platforms as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, osCommerce, bigCommerce, Squarespace, Volusion, and other software that is used by various businesses for supporting their e-commerce sites. Route4Me allows you to import orders from the preferred e-commerce platform, use the imported orders for optimizing last mile routes, and then use Route4Me’s Customer Alerting and Notifications Module for notifying your customers about their delivery ETAs.

Yes, Route4Me’s Team Management solutions allow you to build a well-structured and easily-manageable user-network with all team members in your organization. For maximum efficiency and convenience, Route4Me allows you to control your Team Members’ data access permissions, track their location, assign routes, and perform other team management operations from your computer or using Route4Me’s iOS and Android mobile apps.

Yes, Route4Me provides frictionless and easy-to-use integration with Salesforce. Route4Me’s real-time integration with Salesforce allows you to automatically import contacts and addresses from your Salesforce account into your Route4Me account and use the imported data for planning and optimizing the most cost-effective last mile routes.

Yes, Route4Me’s Tracking technologies provide detailed information on the location of your drivers and vehicles for the entire tracking and tracing period. Depending on your Telematics Vendor, Route4Me can also show you not only the historic locations of your assets, but also their speed, direction, used device, and other details. To monitor the activities performed by your team, you can use Route4Me’s Activity Stream that records and stores all operations and transactions executed by your team members.

Yes, Route4Me allows you to import hundreds of thousands of customer addresses and contacts from your CRM into your Route4Me Synced Address Book, and then view them all on the interactive map. For more convenience, Route4Me’s Address Book Map provides multiple customization tools, allowing you to color-code your addresses, assign custom icons, and more. Thus, when you use Route4Me’s interactive maps for viewing your addresses, you can easily distinguish between your customers’ locations and other unknown addresses.

Yes, Route4Me provides near real-time tracking of your team members and fleet vehicles. Route4Me’s GPS tracking technologies allow you to see where your drivers and other field members start their routes, make stops, how long they stay at each location, whether they deviate from their original routes, and much more.

Yes, when planning last mile routes with Route4Me, the system geocodes all imported or added addresses and automatically corrects all invalid or truncated entries. When Route4Me identifies incorrect addresses, the system will suggest multiple correction options with high geocoding confidence. By default, you can have routes with only correct addresses, since they are automatically geocoded and corrected at the stage of planning/entry. However, if you have addresses that are incorrect in any way, you can mark them so by changing their alias or adding the corresponding details as custom data.


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