Dynamic Route Optimization and Last Mile Route Management RFP FAQ – Request for Proposal Frequently Asked Questions

Route4Me is an end-to-end last-mile routing and smart logistics optimization platform. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry and over 2 million iOS and Android app downloads, Route4Me is continually improving route planning and optimization across various emerging markets. Below you can find some of the most frequently asked questions that Route4Me’s Partners and Customers ask about dynamic route optimization and last-mile route management. If you didn’t find the answers to your questions in the list below, please feel free to ask your Route4Me Routing Expert for more details or contact our Support Team.


Yes, Route4Me supports near real-time route adjustments that allow you to make all types of modifications to your already planned and optimized routes in near real-time and instantly synchronize all changes across iOS, Android, and Web interfaces. In this way, you can insert invoices, destinations, and orders into your active routes, re-optimize them in near real-time and instantly synchronize all changes with your team.

Yes, Route4Me allows you to schedule and track all your planned and active journeys in the global synchronized route calendar. For more convenience and productivity, you can also view all your scheduled and active routes on an interactive digital map that can display multiple scheduled and active journeys at a time. Moreover, Route4Me’s Routes Map also allows you to move stops between your scheduled and current routes using the timeline and map in real-time.

Yes, Route4Me provides multiple solutions that are designed to help you assign the right people and vehicles to the right routes and tasks. For example, Route4Me’s Address Territories can be used for creating different service areas and assigning the drivers with special skills and vehicles with specific parameters or equipment to the routes within each service or product-based territory. Route4Me’s Commercial Route Optimization allows you to make sure that you get commercially-approved routes and can assign the vehicles with commercial parameters to the right legally-approved routes. Route4Me’s Team Hierarchy permits you to create an entire network of team members with different company-level permissions to make sure you can assign the right tasks to the right employees, and so on.

Yes, Route4Me’s Priority Constraint allows you to predefine the priority of stops on a route and optimize the rest of the route for the most efficient results. Thus, the route destinations with high priority jobs will be visited first, and the routine maintenance appointments will be visited after them. You can also use other Route4Me’s advanced constraints that will allow you to balance the sequence priority of your route stops. For example, you can use Route4Me’s Time Windows Constraint to make sure that the customers that close earlier are given a higher priority than the customers that close later.

Yes, in addition to automatically optimizing your routes for the most efficient and cost-effective last mile visitation sequences, Route4Me also allows you to plan your routes manually. When planning routes manually, you can define the preferred sequence of destinations on the route, and Route4Me will provide the shortest and the most efficient driving, walking, or bicycling directions. Moreover, once your routes are optimized by Route4Me for the most optimal stops sequence, you can re-plan them by manually moving stops within your routes, and Route4Me will automatically generate new dynamic navigation directions.

Yes, to ensure maximum accuracy, Route4Me shows three types of last mile ETAs for all stops on your routes:

  • Planned ETA: The estimated arrival time when a driver is expected to arrive at the given stop/address;
  • Predicted ETA: The estimated arrival time when a driver is expected to arrive at the given stop/address based on the dynamic ETAs of all previous stops on the route;
  • Actual ETA: The actual arrival time when a driver has arrived at the given stop/address on the route.

Moreover, to make sure that your field team members don’t deviate from their routes, Route4Me also highlights such service violations as late arrivals, missed time windows, not completed service times, and more.

Yes, Route4Me allows you to edit your routes at any stage – before they are optimized, during the planning process, while your routes are being driven, and even after your routes have already been completed.

Yes, Route4Me provides multiple visualization and analytics tools for reviewing, comparing, analyzing, and auditing your multi-stop last-mile routes.

Yes, when manually re-sequencing your routes (manually moving stops within the route), Route4Me automatically freezes the new custom stops sequence, providing only the new most optimal driving, walking, or bicycling navigation directions. If you want to optimize a manually re-sequenced route, you can manually re-optimize it and apply the corresponding optimization constraints.

Yes, Route4Me allows you to add destinations to your routes at all stages, including the routes that are already planned and optimized. Moreover, Route4Me also provides auto-suggestions that allow you to insert ad-hoc locations into the most optimal routes at the most efficient sequence position.

Yes, Route4Me’s iOS and Android mobile apps provide near real-time data synchronization across all interfaces. This allows dispatchers or managers back at the office to re-sequence routes in real-time and instantly dispatch the new route sequences to drivers’ mobile devices in the field and vice versa. For more convenience, whenever any changes are made to routes from any interface, drivers will be automatically notified.

Yes, Route4Me’s proprietary optimization algorithm can account for such real-time data as live traffic, road accidents, traffic jams, and other routing slow-downs. For more convenience, Route4Me also permits you to adjust your routing slow-downs manually, giving you more control over your routes. Moreover, for the most efficient real-time results, Route4Me can also take into account multiple real-time weather conditions when optimizing your last mile routes.

Yes, Route4Me allows you to delete your routes at any time. Since Route4Me doesn’t have a limit on the number of routes you can plan and optimize, you can delete your old routes and plan new ones without any additional payments or restrictions. Moreover, if you delete a particular route by accident, you can restore it using your Route4Me Account Optimizations.


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