What is the Route4Me Route Planner Barcode Scanner?

Route4Me’s Route Planner Barcode Scanner is a mobile barcode scanning feature designed for various field operations. The barcode scanner feature is integrated into Route4Me’s iOS Route Planner and Android Route Planner apps. You can use our barcode scanner to capture various types of encoded data by scanning digital or paper labels. Furthermore, you can attach the captured barcode data to route destinations, scan QR codes for order confirmation, and more.

Use route planner barcode scanner app for sales and field operations.


Route Planner Barcode Scanner Field Application

Route4Me enables you to use our barcode scanner app for multiple field operations and business purposes. For example, you can use the barcode scanner for sales, marketing, data management, order confirmation, etc. Additionally, our barcode scanner enables you to eliminate human error, increase data entry speed, make transactions on routes more secure, and more.

For instance, you can use the barcode scanner to attach various types of data to your route destinations. Additionally, you can set up the mandatory barcode reconciliation for your route destinations. In this way, drivers will not be able to complete orders without scanning the required barcodes to confirm order completion.

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Use the barcode scanner on a route planner app to scan codes and labels on delivery routes.


Supported Barcode Types

Furthermore, Route4Me’s barcode scanner is capable of scanning and recognizing almost all types of barcodes. Some of the supported barcode types include QR codes, Universal Product Codes, PDF 417, Data Matrix, and many more.


Barcode Scanner Hardware and Software Requirements

Equally important, you can use our route planner barcode scanner on almost all versions of our mobile apps. Furthermore, our mobile apps are supported on multiple Android and iOS software versions. In this way, you can use the QR code scanner on any device that is running our mobile route planning apps.

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