How Much It Costs to Maintain Route4Me’s Software

What Would It Cost to Run Route4Me at Your Company in the USA or Europe (Infrastructure Maintenance Expenses)?

Route4Me has invested over 2,000,000 man-hours to develop its platform, which is approximately 1,000 man-years, or about 100 people working full time for ten years. Thus, the annual total cost to build a route planning software like Route4Me is $6,293,754. At the same time, the average cost to subscribe to Route4Me as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) is around $500 per month or $6,000 per year.

Furthermore, after building an in-house route planning solution like Route4Me, it will also require continuous maintenance. Below you can find a table with average infrastructure and maintenance costs to run a proprietary route planning solution.

Infrastructure ComponentCountMonthly IaaS Fee (Google / Amazon Average)Cost
Database Server (2N+2)4$5,000.00$20,000.00
Routing Cluster10$2,000.00$20,000.00
Application Server Cluster20$500.00$10,000.00
Static Mapping & Tiles Cluster10$1,000.00$10,000.00
Geocoding Cluster10$800.00$8,000.00
Web Server Cluster10$500.00$5,000.00
Licensing Fees from 3rd Party Mapping Providers1$5,000.00$5,000.00
SIEM Logging, IPS, IDS Clusters2$2,000.00$4,000.00
GPS Data Tracking and Storage Cluster (High IOPS)1$3,000.00$3,000.00
NAT Gateways8$100.00$800.00
Load Balancers (2N+2)4$200.00$800.00
Content Delivery Network (CDN)1$500.00$500.00
Network and Bandwidth Fees (5TB)5000$0.01$50.00
File Storage (Uploads, Backups, Archives) in TB2$23.00$46.00
Total Monthly: $47,196.00 ($566,352.00 Annually)
NOTE: Does not include estimated several million dollars of upfront software development costs.

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About Route4Me

Route4Me has over 35,000 customers globally. Route4Me's Android and iPhone mobile apps have been downloaded over 2 million times since 2009. Extremely easy-to-use, Route4Me's apps create optimized routes, synchronize routes to mobile devices, enable communication with drivers and customers, offer turn-by-turn directions, delivery confirmation, and more. Behind the scenes, Route4Me's operational optimization platform combines high-performance algorithms with data science, machine learning, and big data to plan, optimize, and analyze routes of almost any size in real-time.