How to Duplicate Routes

When you need to re-use routes without having to re-plan them, you can duplicate these routes in the Routes List and the Routes Map.

  1. Check the boxes next to the routes you want to duplicate;
  2. Click “File”;
  3. Select “Duplicate.”

Duplicate multiple routes in Route4Me without having to replan them


Alternatively, you can duplicate one route at a time:

  1. Click the gear icon next to the route you want to duplicate.
  2. Select “Duplicate.”

Duplicate a route one at a time using Route4Me


  1. Duplicated routes will appear at the top of the Routes List and will have a word “(Duplicate)” added to their names;
  2. Original route(s) will remain unaltered in the Routes List.

Duplicate a route one at a time using Route4Me

NOTE:  When you duplicate a route, all the origin addresses and destinations from this route are cloned into the duplicated route. If the route has a user assigned to it, the duplicated route will be assigned to the same user.


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