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With the Route4Me iPad route planner app, you can manage your last mile logistics business on the go. This iPad mobile routing software is the most downloaded route planner at a global level! With it, you can plan and optimize routes, dispatch the planned routes to drivers, and track drivers in near real-time while only using your iPad.

The multi stop route planner app will help you plan and optimize the fastest and most profitable routes with multiple destinations in just a few seconds. When using the route planner app, you save not only time but also money and miles. The iPad mobile routing software can be used either as a standalone mobile routing software or as an extension to your Route4Me web account.

Here’s how you can install the Route4Me iPad route planner app on your iPad by downloading it from the App Store.


To download the iPad route planner app, you will need to open the App Store on your iPad. To do so, find the App Store app in your apps list and then tap on it.

Downloading iPad route planner app on iPad.


Once inside the App Store, tap the Search button on the bottom right side of the screen.

Searching for the Route4Me iPad route planner app on App Store


Next, type in route4me route planner in the search bar, then tap Search.

Finding the Route4Me iPad route planner app on App Store using an iPad


Select Route4Me Route Planner in the search results and then tap on the GET button on the top right side of the screen.

Installing the Route4Me route planner app from App Store using an iPad.


Next, tap Install in the popup dialog box that appears on the screen.


Provide your Apple ID’s password, and then tap Sign In to begin the installation of the route planner app.


For iPad models that support the Touch ID feature, you need only to pass fingerprint verification to begin the installation process.


The Route4Me iPad route planner app will appear in your app list as soon as the installation is complete.



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