Advanced Contact Filtering

Filtering Contacts in the Address Book

Use the search bar to look for information associated with a certain contact.

Route planning made easy by Route4Me's advanced contact filtering


The search function displays results from all the data associated to a certain contact.

The three “Display” buttons in the top right of the screen allow you to sort what addresses you can view.

Route planning is simple through Route4Me's advanced contact filtering

  • – Display All: shows all of your contacts;
  • – Display Routed Addresses: shows addresses that were in at least one route;
  • – Display Unrouted Addresses: shows addresses that were never used on a route.


Filtering Contacts on the Address Book Map

Choose which addresses are displayed on the map by clicking one of the three “Show” buttons at the top right corner of the screen.

Route planning is easy when you filter contacts using an address book map in Route4Me


You can opt to show all your addresses, the addresses that have been routed at least once or addresses that have never been routed.


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