Planning a New Route

The Route4Me iPad app helps you save time by planning your routes on the go when you have multiple service appointments.

Opening the app will automatically take you to your “Destinations” view. The first thing you need to do when you want to plan a new route is tap “Set Your Departure Address”.

When planning your first route, you can choose to enter your first address manually or add it from your contacts.

If you tap “Add Address”, you will be taken to a new menu which will prompt you to insert your address. Make sure you type down all relevant elements, such as street and street number, town and state.

You can also and an alias to your address, such as the name of the client, by writing it in the field directly under the address. This will help your find your addresses more easily when you’re planning or navigating the route.

Route4Me uses external databases and geo-tagging to identify the latitude and longitude of your address. Tap “Validate” to have your address identified and confirmed by Route4Me.

If your address is correct, Route4Me will validate it and you’ll be able to see a green led icon and the message that the address is valid.

Tap the correct address from the list and it will be added as the starting address on your route.

Alternatively, you can tap “Options” and “Set Current Location As Start” to set your current address as the point of departure.

If the address you entered is incorrect, a red led icon will be displayed next to it. Whenever this happens, you need to re-enter that address in order to have your route planned correctly.

When your departure address is set, tap either the plus symbol next to “Add Another Destination” at the bottom of the screen, or “Add Address” at the top of the screen.

Tap “Add Address” and repeat the steps mentioned above for each address you want to add to your route.

After you’ve added all your addresses, press the “Plan Route” button.

Your route will come up on the map and you’ll be able to see how much it was optimized by.

Tap “Options” on the top left corner of your screen, then “Save Route” to add it to your routes.

Congratulations, you have finished planning your first route!